A Strategic Alliance for YFIDapp with Renowned Media Group, Clicar Network

YFIDapp has formed a strategic partnership with Clicar Network, a reputed media group that broadcasts all the trending news in the blockchain and crypto community. This collaboration will help YFIDapp with the process of communicating effectively with its audience and keeping them updated on any developments that arise.

Clicar Network is a highly reliable platform for its news, insights, and analytical data on various cryptos in the market. It was founded to provide its users with access to valuable information that can help individuals stay updated on important blockchain events. It presents this information in an easily palatable format for blockchain beginners and experts alike.

With informative content showcased in the form of trending tweets, banners, and videos, Clicar Network has created a wide readership in the crypto space. They share compelling stories that readers can engage with and make informed decisions when it comes to their digital assets and investments. Their unbiased views on the many happenings in the blockchain universe make them a trustworthy source of information for their audience. They also strive to fight against misinformation in the blockchain space that is the primary reason for the generally negative mentality that it attracts.

YFIDapp will benefit from the existing network that Clicar Network has and move closer to their vision of transforming finance with innovative DeFi. As a rapidly advancing and promising DeFi platform, YFIDapp will be an advantageous partnership for Clicar Network to gain good exposure and positive attention from their audience.

YFIDapp’s Successful 2020 Run

YFIDapp has made significant progress since its inception at the beginning of 2020. It has vowed to reform the traditional finance system with its own DeFi platform. By offering an updated finance system in a decentralized avatar, YFIDapp is aiming to minimize inefficiency in financial transactions and eradicate the need for a middleman. This form of trustless and competent finance will change the way money moves in today’s world.

The achievements made by YFIDapp in such a short span of time are quite impressive. The YFIDapp token has jumped up in value from USD 0.5 to USD 11 and has grown as a community to a large extent. The team is continually bringing forth new solutions for the prevalent challenges that the traditional banking sector faces. Although the journey is hindered with multiple obstacles, the team is still progressing with an optimistic mind and innovative decisions to reach their objective.
Both the companies are looking forward to joining hands and creating a partnership that propels towards a similar vision - widespread implementation of DeFi. This valuable alliance will greatly benefit the crypto investors and individuals who want to handle their own finances without the unfair monopoly exercised by the central authorities.

The founder of YFIDapp is very pleased with the strong foundation created through this partnership and has a positive outlook regarding the future of the company. YFIDapp’s and Clicar Network’s mutual objective of reaching out to all sectors of society and spreading the world of DeFi brings them together in this necessary and revolutionary change that has been long overdue in the financial space.

Clicar and YFIDapp: A Match Made in Crypto Heaven

With the innovation of a DeFi expert and the network of a blockchain media professional, there is hope for the crypto industry to see a truly decentralized system that not only disrupts the financial industry but also other sectors such as insurance, gaming, healthcare, and real estate. This kind of breakthrough will change the existing mindset of the masses towards blockchain and create more acceptance and positivity for the revolutionary technology.
Important Social Media Links of both the firms

Clicar Network:
Telegram: t.me/clicarNetwork
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ClicarNetwork

Website — https://yfidapp.finance/
Twitter — https://twitter.com/YFIDapp
Medium — https://yfidapp.medium.com/
GitHub — https://github.com/yfidapp
Telegram — https://t.me/YFIDappOfficial




YFIDapp is here to change the DeFi space with it’s new and innovative offerings to the financial cryptoworld. Stay tuned for more news!!

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YFIDapp is here to change the DeFi space with it’s new and innovative offerings to the financial cryptoworld. Stay tuned for more news!!

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