Staking on YFIDapp — A Rewarding Experience

The concept of holding funds and earning passive income is not new. In traditional finance, this is a slow process that yields very negligible returns. But with blockchain technology, this process in the form of ‘staking’ is highly rewarding.

Why stake on YFIDapp

Staking on blockchain is basically the principle of holding cryptocurrency in order to validate transactions and overall, help the network. In return for supporting the network, you receive rewards over a period of time.

Staking on our platform gives you the opportunity to receive more than 10 times the returns. It is similar to depositing into a bank account and earning interest as time goes by. Profits grow exponentially and instantly, unlike in the traditional banking system where the wait seems like forever.

When you lock up your funds, you have the chance to get chosen randomly by the protocol to validate the next block. The probability of getting selected to validate a block is proportional to the quantity of funding you hold. So if you stake a larger quantity, you have a higher chance of getting the right to validate a block. It gives investors the opportunity to earn regular income passively.

Measuring Rewards on YFIDapp

  • The duration for which the validator has been participating in active staking.
  • The amount of coins that have been staked by the validator.
  • The total number of coins staked in the network at that time.

Advantages of staking

  • If you’re hesitant about participating in crypto trading, staking is a safer option to earn rewards without the risk. It’s a great way to earn from idle crypto funds.
  • The initial requirements for staking are very minimal. Any investor or individual can join without the need for expensive hardware.
  • Our platform is very user-friendly. Even if you’re completely new to the whole blockchain world, catching up will not take you too long.

Your idle funds are hiding great potential. Instead of letting your crypto stagnate and missing out on the opportunity of acquiring high returns, get your crypto on YFIDapp now and watch your wallet fill up!

YFIDapp is here to change the DeFi space with it’s new and innovative offerings to the financial cryptoworld. Stay tuned for more news!!