YFIDapp Coin gets ready for CoinGecko listing!

2 min readDec 7, 2020


Hello, YFIDapp community!

Guess what? Our coin is going to be listed on the renowned digital currency data platform, CoinGecko.

This will allow you to stay updated on the YFIDapp coin’s market cap and real-time value. You’ll be able to evaluate the community growth and performance of the coin over time.
We’re joining hands with CoinGecko to make it convenient for our community to track live prices and other exchanges we list on. Our community is all about trust and transparency. That’s why we’d love to offer you the most comfortable experience with access to all information regarding our coin in seconds.

About Coingecko
CoinGecko is one of the largest crypto aggregators in the world. It provides an overview of the cryptocurrency market & analysis of data such as price, market cap, trading volume, etc. Not only does the platform offer insightful information on the coin, but it also helps you keep tabs on the major events and developments related to the project. CoinGecko follows tokens from over 400 cryptocurrency exchanges and is the go-to hub for all investors who wish to monitor live data.
Getting added to this popular platform is proof that the YFIDapp coin has market value and, therefore, the potential to see immense growth. You can track the live status of the YFIDapp token on Coingecko.com with ease.

YFIDapp’s success!
We are so thrilled to see how far we’ve come in the DeFi sector with the support of our community. Our tie-up with CoinGecko will elevate us further and help us realize our dreams as a revolutionary DeFi community.
Social butterfly much? Here’s how to reach us:
Website — https://yfidapp.finance/
Twitter — https://twitter.com/YFIDapp
Medium — https://yfidapp.medium.com/
GitHub — https://github.com/yfidapp
Telegram — https://t.me/YFIDappOfficial

Another really exciting news coming tomorrow! But shhhhh… you didn’t hear it from us!




YFIDapp is here to change the DeFi space with it’s new and innovative offerings to the financial cryptoworld. Stay tuned for more news!!